Far-right figures lose their heads after winning votes in Philadelphia, Michigan

With ballots still not counted in crucial Democratic strongholds and Joe Biden’s path to victory appearing much clearer on Wednesday morning, Donald Trump’s right-wing media allies wasted no time at all in supporting his claim that counting all the votes was somehow a cheat.

It’s a scenario that election observers have warned about for months: Tuesday’s nail-biting results remain uncertain on Wednesday, with large swathes of mail-in ballots still non-existent in critical areas like Philadelphia and Detroit. Despite this, President Donald Trump declared victory in an early morning announcement, threatening to ask a conservative-dominated Supreme Court to stop counting the remaining votes. Trump also took to Twitter in a post reported since, baselessly accusing Democrats of “trying to steal the election.”

The remark served as a growing rallying cry among a far-right audience who, for months, have been prepared – by Trump and by the most compartmentalized media apparatus imaginable – to cry fraud over any outcome. apart from a Trump victory.

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Trump pursues frantic fundraising by falsely claiming ‘stolen election’

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