‘Fast & Furious’ stars the Rock and Tyrese Gibson officially quash their feud

It has been heartbreaking years in the Fast family. First, there was the big ‘Candy Ass’ saga of 2016 – a conflicting bullock business that Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson managed to sort out years later. But this the controversy essentially flowed into a new bout of bad blood between Johnson and Tyrese Gibson, who called The Rock “selfish” in 2017, as Fast 9 faces delays to facilitate spin-off with Johnson and Jason Statham Hobbs and Shaw.

But today is a new day, and obviously all is well in the Toretto area. Gibson shared on Comedy Central on Tuesday Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz that he and Johnson buried the hatchet.

“Me and the Rock made peace,” Gibson told Horowitz during the show. “We spoke for four hours about three weeks ago.”

“What’s interesting about the Fast furious isn’t it any of us individually, ”added Gibson. “We’re like the UN at this point.”

In 2017, Gibson said in an Instagram statement that he and Johnson made amends. He also referred to his custody battle for his daughter Shayla, to which Gibson attributed her erratic behavior on social media.

But the wording of the post – in which Gibson said he had a “real heart to heart with one of Dewayne’s associates” who had called him – wasn’t exactly warm. Certainly not hot “chatting for four hours”. Now, years later, it looks like these two have made some real progress. (Or at least agreed not to publicly disparage each other.) Either way, that’s great news for Quickly fans as we prepare for our heart-wrenching and exciting journey into space.

And for those who are interested, Gibson also offered a detail about his friendship with his co-star and newly created recording artist Vin Diesel – which apparently caused the rest of the cast to call Gibson “Ty Boogie.”

“We’re each other’s support system,” Gibson said, adding that even though he had given Diesel a “lobby pass” for the nickname, “that was something else. [when] everyone in the cast started calling me that, and I was like, ‘OK now, that’s not cool anymore.’

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