Favorite Daily Beast Products for November 2020

It’s time to get comfortable. It’s soup time after all, and we spent the month of November working on our soup and stew game, our collection of sweatpants and everything in between to keep us sane and bring us joy right now. In November, we covered tons of freebies and ways to stay comfortable at home. These are the articles that Scout readers liked the most during the month of November.

Fresh beans: It was my favorite cookbook of the year by far. The premise is simple, “this food that you thought was just okay is actually really delicious, and really easy to make delicious in more ways than you probably think.” It’s both something to do with all those beans you stored in your early forties and a tasty adventure.

Everlane Dream Pants: Jillian Lucas, Scout Editor in Chief, calls these pants “perfect pants for this era”. Dream pants, she writes, “make me feel like I’m creating an outfit, but I’m comfortable no matter where I’m sitting. These are pants that turn me on when working from home, but will remain a staple once I get back to work.

Brooklinen Luxe satin sheets: “I can’t be the only one who dreams of sleeping in super luxurious hotel beds,” writes Rachel Dube, a Scout employee. To turn that dream into even more dreams, Rachel tried on the luxury satin sheets and fell in love, saying, “Now I understand why these are Brooklinen’s best-selling sheets.

Brooklinen Luxe satin sheets

Elite Perfect Pushup: If there’s one piece of workout gear that Whitson Gordon can’t live without, it’s these push handles. He writes, “The Perfect Pushup Elite grips sit on your floor, with a rubber grip on the bottom that keeps it from slipping. Grabbing the handles therefore allows you to keep your wrists straight during push-ups, avoiding wrist stress that causes pain over time.

Twin Block Pro: This summer, a physiotherapist suggested that Jenny Hughes, a Scout collaborator, try this neck massager. She writes, “In my decade of neck pain, this is the only product that makes it better.” Best of all, it’s easy to use: “It’s a surprisingly simple device – no batteries, no assembly, just a lumpy block. All you have to do to use it is lie on it, locating the two mounds at the base of your skull with your spine in the middle.

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