FBI investigates Nashville explosion deemed ‘intentional’

An explosion in the early morning in downtown Nashville would be “an intentional act,” according to city police.

Images from the scene showed black smoke billowing from a burning car. Nashville firefighters reported taking three people to area hospitals with non-critical injuries. But the explosion cut down trees and blew up the windows of several storefronts near the Cumberland River.

A video making its way on social media showed a terrifying explosion that ignited businesses and sparked complaints from locals calling for help.

Law enforcement responded to a suspicious vehicle parked on 2nd Avenue and Commerce Street near the AT&T building shortly after 6 a.m. Metro Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said the Police had an unspecified reason to summon a “dangerous devices unit” was on their way to the scene when an “explosion related to this vehicle occurred” at 6.30am.

The FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and local authorities are conducting what Aaron called a “full scale” investigation. “We believe the explosion was an intentional act.” Tennessee Metro Police and Highway Patrol cordoned off downtown Nashville.

The FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment. No information on a possible reason is yet available.

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