FBI investigates ‘suspicious’ white-box truck after reportedly announces countdown similar to Nashville bombing – Dateway

The FBI is investigating a suspicious white box truck in Lebanon, Tennessee, which allegedly issued a warning similar to the Christmas bombing in Nashville.

The FBI and Wilson County officials told local media that the vehicle “played a sound similar to what was heard before the Christmas Day explosion.”

“We don’t know if an actual announcement was made, but as a precaution the area was evacuated. The Tennessee Highway Patrol, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Wilson County MPs are on the scene, ”News 4 reported.

A bomb detection robot was seen deploying outside the truck after the unidentified driver was taken into custody.

This follows an RV explosion in early Christmas morning in downtown Nashville, which issued a 15-minute evacuation warning over a loudspeaker before destroying nearly three city blocks.

The globalist / deep state has the history and motive for carrying out attacks like this and should be considered the prime suspect.

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