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Trey Trainor, the chairman of the federal elections, said in an on Newsmax on Thursday that he “believed there was voter fraud,” and confirmed that the refusal to allow poll observers to observe the process of counting the ballots – among many other irregularities – indeed constitutes an “illegitimate election”.

“I think there is voter fraud in these places,” Trainor said. “Otherwise, they would allow observers to enter.”

“When you have allegations that 10,000 people who do not live in the state of Nevada have voted in Nevada, when you have the video showing where people are duplicating spoiled ballots on the spot, or are in the process of marking a blank ballot for a voter is a process that must be observed by election observers, ”Trainor said.

The FEC president added that poll observers are legally allowed to be present during the counting of the ballots, and that if they are refused entry to a place where the vote is counted, then “the law is not followed, which makes it an illegitimate election ”.

Trainor went on to predict that some of the Trump campaign’s legal challenges to the legitimacy of the 2020 will likely end up in the Supreme Court.

National File reported this week that U.S. Representative Lance Gooden has filed a lawsuit over refusing to allow poll observers to observe the ballot count in Texas:

On Monday, U.S. Representative Lance Gooden announced a lawsuit against the County Election Office alleging the office refused to comply with local law and allow Republican Party poll observers to observe the process. counting of votes.

“The repeated of ballot counting procedures,” which include preventing Republicans from being present during the postal ballot counting process, have led to a lawsuit against the Election Office of the County.

deserve to see how their ballots are counted,” Gooden said in a press statement. “Democratic governments at all levels will do anything to tip the scales in their favor. We are not going to let them get away with it.

In Detroit, poll observers barricaded windows and shouted for observers to leave as the observers chanted “Let us in” as they were locked outside the counting .

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