Federal government bankrupt Boogaloo Boi Jaap Willem Lijbers for being in US illegally

reays before the trial of the officer accused of the murder of George Floyd began in Minneapolis, the FBI arrested a member of Boogaloo Wood who attempted to get to the city during the unrest this summer and who was in contact with an extremist colleague. accused of attacking a police station there.

Jaap Willem Lijbers, 26, is an undocumented Dutch citizen living in Virginia who investigators have linked to the white nationalist movement that wants to overthrow the US government by inciting a second civil war. He was arrested in a raid on his home in rural Virginia on weapons and immigration charges.

According to a criminal complaint filed on March 2 in court in Virginia, Lijbers was a member of a private Facebook group that included Steven Carrillo, a famous Boogaloo Boi and an Air Force sergeant accused in a series of murders. politically motivated cops last June. He says Lijbers had also been in direct contact with Benjamin Ryan Teeter, a Boogaloo Boi from North Carolina who in December pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges for attempting to provide material support to Hamas, and with Ivan Harrison. Hunter, a Texas Boogaloo Boi accused of rioting. after firing 13 shots from an AK-47 type assault rifle at a Minneapolis police station during the 2020 civil unrest that followed Floyd’s while in police custody.

The term “boogaloo” refers to the title of the 1984 film “Breakin ‘2: Electric Boogaloo”, to denote a sequel to the American Civil War that ended in 1865. The terminology has evolved over time and is now came to include similar words like “big luau”. Playing on this, many Boogaloo have adopted the Hawaiian shirt as a kind of unofficial uniform.

Lijbers was first identified in July 2020, following the FBI launching a broader investigation into Boogaloo Bois “based on reports that members were discussing violent crimes and maintaining a presence. army on the streets of Minneapolis during civil unrest after the of George Floyd, ”the complaint states. Derek Chauvin, the former police officer accused of Floyd’s murder, is due to stand trial on March 8.

Using search warrants to assign social media files, the complaint says the FBI identified a Facebook account as “Marvin Dorner” that had been in contact with Hunter and Teeter. In a series of direct messages, Lijbers – using the alias Marvin Dorner – discussed his trip to Minneapolis during the , he says.

“I’m personally pissed off about this,” Lijbers wrote.

“I leave NC as soon as my guys are gathered,” Teeter replied. “We are connecting now.”

“I’m in southwest Virginia,” Lijbers replied, adding the town he lived in as Tazewell, a town of 4,200 about 150 miles from Roanoke. “Where are you? The cops are understaffed. And the vehicles. “

The complaint states that Teeter planned to pick up Lijbers the next day as he was driving through Virginia on his way to Minneapolis, but Lijbers apparently got stuck at work. Even though he couldn’t join, Lijbers and Teeter kept in touch over the next few days, he explains.

“Hoodie OVER plate rack,” Lijbers reportedly told Teeter, who was now in Minneapolis. “Do NOT stand out. Appear civilian. Bring marshmallows [sic] for bonfire and roast pork seasoning, ”which appear to be references to“ grand luau, ”a slang term for the Second Civil War, the boogaloo movement is bent on fomenting.

In another, officials say, Lijbers told Teeter to “reclaim the government buildings.” All of them. ”But for all his apparent enthusiasm, Lijbers still couldn’t make it to Minneapolis.

“I’m still trying to find a trick,” he sent Teeter on June 1. “All of my ‘boogwoods’ are deflating, so it’s just me I’ve always thought of anyway.

Lijbers then “pivoted” to attend a local protest in Virginia a week later, the affidavit states. He had been the only one there armed with a gun, he texted Hunter, saying he had “discussed his rifle with one of the police officers present and that he was basically assuring security. He sent Hunter a picture of himself holding a sign that read, “IGLOO WOOD’S BIG LAUGH IN TYRANNY’S FACE,” and followed up with a message saying, “I showed that sign to every cop.” In another post, Lijbers sent Hunter a screenshot of a tweet showing him holding a rifle during the rally.

While Lijbers had enough tactical gear to look a bit like the game, his operational security was decidedly amateurish. In a follow-up message to Hunter, Lijbers reportedly said he was going to send him an email with his real name in case something happened to him.

“You are the only one in this country with this information other than my daughter’s ,” Lijbers wrote.

In August, Lijbers attended another local rally and gave an interview to a local news channel while holding an assault rifle. Despite being billed as a good ol ‘boy, a hint of Lijbers’ Dutch accent is evident.

Over the summer, Lijbers’ Facebook page disappeared, according to the FBI. He created a new one under the name “Jaxson Lynch,” a nickname he also used on Discord, a chat app popular in far-right circles. After Hunter’s arrest in November 2020, authorities searched his phone’s contact list, which revealed a phone number under the name “jax.” As the government continued to review Hunter’s phone, they found a group chat that had been conducted on the Signal app, which also associated “jax” with “Marvin Dorner.”

A search of the public records did not identify anyone by the name of Marvin Dorner living in Tazewell and no one by the name of Jaxson Lynch in the area either. But in January 2021, Facebook files subpoenaed by the FBI led to the case being broken up.

Analyzing a 2018 panel discussion that the affidavit said had no connection to Boogaloo Bois, officers identified one of the participants as a local law enforcement officer. They contacted the unidentified officer, who said that “Marvin Dorner’s” real first name was Jaap. The officer said Jaap was from the Netherlands and fathered a child with a woman named “BK” in the affidavit. From there, agents were able to locate a PO box that BK had previously rented and shared with someone named Jaap Willem Lijbers. .

Another review of the Facebook tapes showed communication between Marvin Dorner and various with the Lijbers surname. In a post, Dorner mentioned being born in 1994, the year Jaap Willem Lijbers was born.

Homeland Security Investigative Officers followed up with a check of U.S. immigration records. They discovered a Jaap Willem Lijbers who entered the country on a three-month visitor visa in May 2014. Almost seven years later, Lijbers himself was in the same boat as the undocumented migrants against whom he and his compatriots Boogaloo Boi have taken up arms.

“As of February 8, 2021, Lijbers has never requested an adjustment to his original status and no immigration records or requests are identified, which would give Lijbers an extended authorization to stay in the United States or prevent his deportation, ”states the affidavit.

On March 2, agents executed a search warrant at Lijbers’ home in Virginia. They seized a Radical Firearms RF-15 military-type rifle with five magazines, one of which was loaded. Lijbers was arrested and charged with illegal possession of a firearm while illegally in the United States. A magistrate has ordered Lijbers’ detention without bail. Her public defender, Nancy Combs Dickenson-Vicars, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Lijbers is due to return to court on March 9.

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