Federal government hunts down Dominic ‘Spazzo’ Pezzola, the proud boy seen smashing the Capitol window with a police shield

Prosecutors arrested and charged the bearded Proud Boys member accused of leading hordes of angry MAGA supporters to Capitol Hill during the insurgency, according to an affidavit.

The FBI has identified Dominic Pezzola as the Capitol Rioter known as “Spaz” seen entering the building with a police shield. According to a criminal complaint, Pezzola encouraged the rioters, smashing the glass protecting the west side of the building with a riot shield.

Pezzola’s successful window smashing was one of the first breaches in the Capitol, allowing other rioters to enter and unlock the doors for more people to storm the building. A series of open source photographs also confirm that Pezzola was the individual who broke the glass.

Vice first identified Pezzola by his nickname “Spazzo” and noted his participation in a pro-Trump Proud Boys rally on December 12 in Washington, which resulted in four stab wounds and the vandalism of a historic black church .

Pezzola was reportedly seen in numerous photos at the event wearing a Proud Boys t-shirt, a United States Marine Corps logo button on his chest, and a “0351” tattoo on his right arm signifying professional specialty. Military Infantry Assault Marine.

Since the riot of January 6, the The FBI had published images of “Spazzo” in and around the Capitol in an attempt to seek advice from the public on his identity. Spazzo’s participation was proof of the Proud Boy’s involvement in the Capitol crowd.

The affidavit noted that Pezzola is visible in a video taken after rioters broke into the Capitol. “Victory smoke in the Capitol, boys. This is fucking awesome. I knew we could take this motherfucker back [if we] just tried enough, ”he says in the video.

A witness identified by the FBI as “witness-1” told FBI agents that she spoke to “Spaz” who “bragged about breaking the windows on the Capitol and entering the building” .

In a disturbing note, the FBI added that “W-1 further stated that members of this group, which included ‘Spaz’, said they would have killed [Vice President] Mike Pence if given the chance.

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