Fellow Ode Coffee Grinder Review

I wouldn’t call myself a coffee snob by any means, but I certainly appreciate a good cup. I’m a big fan of pour-overs in particular – I think it’s the best way to extract the most flavor from any type of beans you work with, whether cheap or good. But it wasn’t until recently that I learned that the brewing method doesn’t do much. While I knew that bags of pre-ground coffee would taste worse than store-bought ground coffee, I wasn’t sure it was worth investing in a home grinder. out if you don’t grind your beans at home the same day you’re missing out on tons of oils and flavors. But I, like you maybe, didn’t want the sore thumb of a coffee grinder to take up space on the counter or have to grind coffee every morning. Which does? Well after trying Fellow’s new Ode Mill I can definitely say I was wrong.

Here is how I tested it. I bought two identical bags of coffee, same roast date, same everything. I went to the and used their burr mill for one (is that allowed?), Crushing the entire bag at once. I then used the Ode coffee grinder for the other, grinding one portion at a time. I used my Ratio coffee maker to make jugs of pour-overs with each over the course of a week. While initially the flavors were almost identical, as the week progressed the ground coffee from the tasted increasingly stale, while the Ode ground coffee remained fresh, flavorful, and full of oils that I didn’t know. hadn’t realized I was missing before. . In short, grinding your coffee at home is the best way to get your ’s worth on coffee beans.

The Ode grinder is a beauty to behold. It has a sleek matte black exterior, and the design itself pairs well with function. The grind catcher magnetically aligns, the dial lists numbers from a finer grind to a coarser grind, and the bean filler cover has suggested numbers for different styles of brew. It’s incredibly quiet (it doesn’t wake my sleeping girlfriend in the other room), and it automatically off after each bean has been ground. I could get into the types of burrs it has (64mm flat) or the fact that a smart speed PID motor exposes every grain to the same strength and quality of grind, but why bother – everything what you have to do with this bad boy is sit back, relax, and enjoy perfectly ground beans every morning.

Not only is the Ode Grinder one of the nicest things I own, it has improved my morning coffee dramatically. I’m a grinder too: anyone seriously interested in coffee should have a coffee grinder in their home, and it should be this one too.

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