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In an attempt to deter continued assaults on their city by ideologically-based activist groups, the city of Detroit has taken a new course by filing a lawsuit against activists in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Detroit city officials have taken legal action against militant Black Lives Matter groups alleging a “civil conspiracy.” The lawsuit claims that the protests in that city “have turned violent on several occasions, endangering the lives of the police and the public”.

The city’s lawsuit accuses the activists of having participated in the plot, “defamed” the mayor and the police, and insists that the city receive damages.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff cites four protests that took place in Detroit in 2020 and maintains that law enforcement officers suffered injuries that included “cracked vertebrae, lacerations and concussions,” according to a report from the Detroit Police Department.

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City officials hope that documentation of the repeated violence will overturn claims by BLM affiliate Detroit Will Breathe that the protests – however out of hand – should be protected under the First Amendment.

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The lawsuit serves as a counterclaim to a lawsuit filed by activists in late August that alleged police “repeatedly responded with violence” when protesters took part in mass protests.

The move infuriated critics of racial aggressors, including U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who in a Detroit Free Press editorial criticized the city’s counterclaim as “an unthinkable attack on our constitutional rights. “.

James Craig, the city’s police chief, said his officers never used force against peaceful protesters.

“If anyone resists arrest or tries to attack our officers,” Craig said at the time, “we will use force that is both reasonable and necessary to overcome the resistance… We don’t want that. the protesters get hurt, and we won’t. I don’t want the officers to be injured either.

BLM activists have responded to the city’s lawsuit by asking for support from national legal groups and asking sympathetic city council members to cut funding for the lawsuit.

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