Fired Up Films developing comedy with ‘Gavin & Stacey’ star Mat Horne – Dateway

EXCLUSIVE: A comedy drama by Gavin and Stacey Star Mat Horne and a thriller based on Jack London’s manuscript by The Assassination Bureau Ltd. and are two of the latest TV projects launched by British producer Fired Up Films.

The company is doubling its business side after recently winning a two-hour contract to produce the document told by Laurence Fishburne The hunt for Hitler’s submarine for the story on the factual side.

Horne, known for his on-screen performance in the BBC comedy written by James Corden and Ruth Jones, writes Lots with actor and screenwriter Christopher Adlington.

The series is a multicultural comedy about a man on the run that Horne says is inspired by the couple’s love of 1980s caper films Midnight run. It tells the story of Howie Doohan, a Wall Street trader and father of a disabled child who loses a fortune in a trade and makes fun of it, and his wife Angelica, a senior prosecutor with chronic gambling addiction.

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Mat Horne said, “The show is a fast-paced comedy about a man who has and does everything to lose. Loose records his fall and rise as he – despite great adversity – develops into the father he never knew he wanted to be. “

Simon Howley, co-founder of Fired Up Films, said the script made her laugh. “As a company, we’ve been more into factual drama than comedy, but sometimes a project comes up that is too good to pass on.”

Separately, it also develops The Assassination Bureau Ltd.which is loosely based on Jack London’s unfinished manuscript. The London original bought the story idea from Elmer Gantry writer Sinclair Lewis in 1910 and wrote 20,000 words before giving up and dying in 1916, leaving the book unfinished. The series was originally discontinued in the United States in the late 19th century.

The new series, which is about a group of ethical assassins, is now set in the north of England in the 1980s. Justin Lockey, guitarist for British rock band Editors, writes alongside LA-based writer Scott Charnick.

Charnick, a former intelligence and special forces operator turned screenwriter, had previously worked with Fired Up on the contemporary spy thriller The Increment.

“The beauty of adapting the original manuscript of The Assassination Bureau Ltd.What London didn’t finish is that we now have this incredible story full of rich characters and intrigues that we can take in any direction without losing London’s voice or any of its original storylines, ”he said.

Howley added, “It’s great to continue to work with Scott and begin our relationship with Justin. He has very different views – his revision of the original London manuscript is just brilliant.”

Elsewhere, the company, which had previously signed an initial contract with eOne, has hired Aimee Rowlings as Head of Development. Rowlings previously worked for All3Media’s Bentley Productions and has credits for series such as Bletchley Circle and Call the midwife.

“I am delighted that Aimee has made the decision to come to us at a very exciting time as a company. Your experience and contact book is a real asset to our ambitions as a screenwriter. With a growing schedule and several series close to production, we’re in a good position for 2021, “added Howley.

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