Florida Governor Ron DeSantis drafts bill allowing citizens to shoot rioters and looters – Dateway

Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida, is pushing forward with legislation that will empower citizens to defend themselves and businesses with deadly force against the traveling mobs who commit mass looting and riots, just like the the style of violent left-wing political groups like Black. Lives Matter and Antifa.

A key piece of DeSantis’ “anti-mob” legislation includes an extension of the state’s famous “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows citizens to use deadly force if they fear for their lives.

The expansion would allow citizens to use force against rioters who engage in criminal mischief that results in the “disruption or degradation” of a business.

Looting, which the draft defines as burglary within 150 meters of a “violent or disorderly gathering”, would also become recognized as criminal behavior that could be legally repelled by the use of force.

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Other aspects of the project that would keep the streets of Florida peaceful include carrying out “protests” that disrupt the public by blocking the flow of a third degree felony and granting legal immunity to drivers who kill or kill. unintentionally mutilate demonstrators who illegally block traffic.

Criminal penalties for those engaged in “violent and disorderly gatherings” would also be tightened, and public funds could be withheld from local governments that bow to crowd demands to “dispel the police”.

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The Miami Herald reports that DeSantis “circulated a bill – titled ‘anti-mob bill” – to the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, according to emails and a copy of the bill obtained by the Herald / Times.

DeSantis’ anti-mob bill is particularly prescient given that left-wing organizations will take to the streets to commit violence and looting if they are upset by the results of President Donald Trump’s investigations into electoral fraud in elections. from 2020.

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