Florida teens accused of crushing boy’s mother in romantic dispute

A group of Florida teens face attempted murder charges after admitting to run over the mother of a boy they beat up in an ongoing romance dispute, authorities have said.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said the four teens faced multiple charges, including attempted murder and a burglary with assault for the Monday afternoon savage attack that left the mother in critical condition at a local hospital. Authorities said Elijah Stansell, 18, was the ringleader in the attack and brought his three friends – Raven Sutton, 16; Kimberly Stone, 15; and Hannah Eubank, 14 – at the home of another teenager about an hour outside of Orlando to “deal” with an ongoing romantic argument.

“This was a coordinated and planned attack, carried out by a group of teenagers who beat a teenager and then crushed his mother, leaving her for dead,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement. communicated. “I can’t even imagine teenagers doing something so obnoxious. Our prayers are with this family. “

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