Food52 Five Two Essential Sheet Pan Deal

We’re big fans of Food52’s Five Two line, and here’s why: Everything they do isn’t just good, it’s brilliant. Their rotisserie has a built-in cooling rack for example, their aprons have built-in pot holders – essentially, they’re masters of the one-two-punch combo. Their latest is as ingenious as ever – they just launched a new baking sheet and if you buy it today, they’ll be throwing in a free non-stick baking mat too.

Cooking plate + cooking mat

From $ 59

The baking sheet is an absolutely gorgeous stainless steel wonder, perfect for roasting vegetables or baking cookies. It has a cooling rack included to create a little air for the bottom of your delicious treats, and with the new baking mat, you’ll never have to use foil or parchment paper again. The only problem is, you’ll never want to stop cooking again.

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