Football fans refused entry without negative COVID test – Dateway

Football fans in Liverpool, UK are mandated to take COIVD tests before attending a game on Monday, and those who do not will be refused entry even though they have purchased tickets.

Everton FC fans have been warned by the club that they must produce negative test results issued no more than 36 hours previously or be barred from entering the stadium to watch the team play against Manchester City.

Liverpool have so far escaped full lockdown, like much of the rest of the country, and as a result some sports fans are allowed to attend events, although in the case of Everton FC fans, with this new mandate.

Several fans pointed out that the tests are very inaccurate and that a negative result from a day or two ago means little:

We are witnessing a corporate takeover / forced mutation of humanity.

Others questioned the need for face masks if everyone allowed into the stadium tested negative:

It’s pretty obvious where these creepy mandates lead:

Others have complained that they would just like to watch football, and between that and the players kneeling and walking off the pitch for whatever they deem ‘racist’, it gets very difficult:

Last week we reported that Cambridge United Football Club is demanding that fans who boo players taking a knee for Black Lives Matter to attend rehab classes or face a stadium ban.

The latest cycle of BLM madness began after fans were allowed into stadiums for the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic.

Millwall supporters booed loudly at the players taking a knee, sparking an artificial wave of media outrage.

In reality, Millwall fans don’t boo because they’re racists who hate black people (their two-time fan-voted star player of the year is black), they boo to express their opposition to the political motivations behind Black Lives. Matter.

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