Forced hypnotherapy from luxury mattress brand Hästens, ‘spiritual coaching’ on workers, allegations of lawsuits

A former employee of luxury mattress maker Hästens filed a against the company on Wednesday, alleging its CEO fostered a “deeply misogynistic and sexist work culture” and pushed his bizarre spiritual beliefs on staff, including hypnotherapy obligatory.

In the in Manhattan federal , Lizandra Vega claims that after joining the company in January 2020 as an executive recruiter, she suffered sexual harassment, wage disparities and a “vile and vile work culture. disturbing ”moderated by CEO Jan Ryde. When speaking, Vega said she faced “immediate retaliation and subsequent dismissal” on January 7.

His , which lists Hästens and Ryde as defendants, calls for a jury trial and “an award of punitive damages.”

“Hästens’ control of the spiritual beliefs of its employees is a shameless abuse of corporate power that goes well beyond the limits of legal employment practices. Forcing employees to undergo spiritual guidance, evaluations by a ‘clairvoyant hypnotist’ on payroll, psychological manipulation – these are not the hallmarks of a safe or legal work environment, ”said lawyer Jeanne M. Christensen. de Vega, in a statement.

“The company’s willingness to blatantly retaliate against Ms. Vega for opposing gender discrimination in the workplace suggests that Hästens is not as ‘enlightened’ as he claims. We look forward to holding Hästens accountable for these disturbing and illegal practices, ”she added.

Hästens did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

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