Forget the Trump election. Biden heads for the White House.

“It’s so funny,” Molly Jong-Fast told Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). “There has been so much sexist talk about women [in politics] being overly emotional and overly sensitive. And then we have an entire party held hostage by the moods of the president.

Klobuchar laughs in response, “Exactly. I think it was John Bolton who said that we just don’t have time to go through seven stages of mourning the president. This is exactly what is happening.

“Even when presidents lost elections,” adds the senator, “they led, they had to deal with last minute crises. And this guy doesn’t. I don’t think we should be surprised, but the fact that he isn’t leading and trying to demolish our democracy at the same time and tarnish the reputation of good people like [sacked Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency chief] Chris Krebs is just an incredible trio of hexes.

But don’t worry, says Klobuchar on the latest edition of The new abnormal. Despite all the histrionics and wackadoodle press conferences and late night tweets, this presidency is over. “It is becoming increasingly clear that there are no other ways. And at some point [the Republicans] will have to allow this transition. “

It’s not even as if the Trumpists’ goal is to win, despite all their quasi-fascist talk about overturning the election, says Rick Wilson. “The goal is to sow dissension, the goal is to sow chaos. The goal is to ensure that the Trump brand for the next four years will still be able to grab their mailing list and suck rube dollars: ‘They can steal our election, but they can’t steal our pride.’ “

And what should Biden do, once he’s in the Ring and Trump is still doing his budding bossy thing? And its facilitators are back in the Senate? There have been leaks outside of Bidenworld that Joe is not inclined to retribution. “I think they have to recognize that playing by the Marquis of Queensberry rules and playing well” won’t work, says Rick. “I think Lindsey Graham needs to be investigated by the ethics committee. The guy is involved in blatant attempts to corrupt the election. It’s just crazy.

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