Former Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sears ‘Bilderberg’ Tom Cotton for siding with Biden on January 6 – Dateway

Jan Morgan, the former Arkansas gubernatorial candidate, criticized Sen. Tom Cotton for announcing he would not oppose Electoral College votes.

Senator Cotton announced on Sunday night that he would not join other Republican senators who would challenge the electoral college’s certification to vote during the joint session of Congress on January 6, and will instead side with .

Although Cotton has said he “shares the concerns of many Arkansans about presidential election irregularities,” especially with respect to postal voting, he cannot support the Electoral College’s “reversal” of votes. Congress, as “the founders entrusted our mainly to the states… [and] to the people – not to Congress.

He asserted that if Congress overturned the results, then he “would not only exceed [their allotted power by the ], but also set reckless precedents. Cotton argued that any objection to ‘certified’ electoral votes would not give President Trump a second term, but ‘would only embolden Democrats who want to further erode our of government.’

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It didn’t go well with Jan Morgan, the former Arkansas gubernatorial candidate and spokesperson for the Citizens for Trump before the president took the Republican nomination, who slammed Cotton in a post Facebook for his comments. She argued that the potential setting of precedents was totally irrelevant, as Democrats have “already undermined electoral integrity.”

“This is what it is about,” Morgan wrote. “You failed the people of this state who you to REPRESENT them and you failed to honor your oath of office to uphold the ,” she continued, encouraging the citizens of Arkansas to send an email to the senator and let him know that “we will VOTE HIM if he does not honor his oath !!! “

In another article, Morgan noted that Cotton was a participant at the Bilderberg conference in 2017. “That explains it all,” Morgan said. “America First is not a mission of this elite organization,” she added.

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Before Cotton made his announcement, Morgan called members of Congress in Arkansas, telling them that this is “not the time for you to turn your back on the people of our state and withdraw from your state. responsibility towards your country “:

You are obligated to stand up and fight for the integrity of our electoral , for the good of our children, our grandchildren and the men and women who came before us and who died defending the republic. We, the people of Arkansas, ask that you challenge the electoral college certification in these states. We want to see that you are engaged in this fight, because we are. Failure is not an option …

For our US congressman, it’s now or never. We ask you to honor your oath to the and your commitment to the people of Arkansas. If you don’t, we’ll leave you this message today. We will not forget your betrayal this election cycle. It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.

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