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Fox News reporter John Roberts announced Thursday that President Trump’s special guest in tonight’s debate with Joe Biden would be a former business partner of the Biden family who recently spoke out against their corrupt practices.

Tony Bobulinski, who is a former partner of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and Joe’s brother Jim, told the New York Post Wednesday that recently published emails showing corrupt business transactions are genuine.

A specific e-mail spoke of a distribution of equity in a Chinese company of “20” for “H” and “10 owned by H for the large”.

Rumors spread that the “big guy” mentioned in the email was Joe Biden, and Bobulinski confirmed this theory to The post office.

“Hunter Biden called his father ‘the big guy’ or ‘my president,’ and referred to him often to ask for his approval or advice on various potential deals we were discussing,” Bobulinski wrote.

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In a statement to Fox News, Bobulinski said he did not believe Joe Biden’s claim that he never discussed Hunter’s business relationship, instead claiming that Hunter “often asked for his approval or advice on various potential transactions. . “

“I saw Vice President Biden say that he never spoke to Hunter about his business,” he said. “I saw with my own eyes that this is not true because it was not just Hunter’s business they said they were putting the Biden family name and their legacy on the line.”

“The Biden family has aggressively exploited the Biden family name to earn millions of dollars from foreign entities, even though some originated from Communist-controlled China,” he added.

Bobulinski claims to have plenty of evidence to back up his claims, including files, emails, texts and more.

He uploaded numerous documents to a file-sharing website and reportedly gave all of his testimony to two Senate committees on Wednesday.

One of the Senate panels had previously released information showing that Bobulinsky the Bidens screwed him up.

“The Johnson report connected some points in a way that shocked me – it made me realize that the Bidens had gone behind my back and had been paid millions of dollars by the Chinese, even though they were on me. said they hadn’t and would not. to their partners. “

The next debate should be a doozy.

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