Former cybersecurity chief Christopher Krebs suggests legal action over death threat from Trump’s lawyer Joe DiGenova

Christopher Krebs, the former director of the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security, suggested Tuesday morning to sue Trump campaign lawyer Joe DiGenova for noting that Krebs should be “taken out in court.” ‘dawn and shot’.

Krebs was ousted from the post of chief cybersecurity officer in the Trump administration last month when he declared this year’s presidential election the “most secure” in history, drawing the president’s ire as he ‘She was flying in the face of Trump’s “rigged” electoral narrative. Krebs, meanwhile, continued to debunk the president’s baseless conspiracy theories of widespread voter fraud, including in a recent 60 minutes interview, which enraged Trump even more.

Appearing on pro-Trump news outlet Newsmax on Monday, DiGenova targeted Krebs, saying there was no evidence that votes were shifted from Trump to President-elect Joe Biden.

“Anyone who thinks this election went well, like that idiot Krebs, who was the head of cybersecurity,” DiGenova exclaimed to animate Howie Carr. “This guy is a Class A jerk. He should be drawn and quartered.” Went out at dawn and shot. “

Interviewing Krebs on NBC Today’s show, anchor Savannah Guthrie on Tuesday morning asked the former DHS official to react to the “clearly disturbing and dangerous” remarks made by diGenova.

“It’s definitely more dangerous language, more dangerous behavior, and the way I see it is that we are a nation of laws,” Krebs replied. “And I intend to take advantage of these laws. I have an exceptional team of lawyers who are winning in the courts, and I think they’re probably going to be busy.

When asked if he thinks legal action might follow from Trump’s attorney’s remarks, Krebs replied, “We are reviewing all of our available opportunities.”

Guthrie also questioned whether Krebs was worried about his safety, adding that this was not the “first death threat” linked to this electoral fight.

“You know, I’m not going to give them the advantage of how I react to that,” he said. “They can know things are going to happen, however.”

DiGenova, for her part, now insists that her comments should not be interpreted as a death threat or a violent call to action.

“Anyone who has heard the interview knows that this was obviously sarcasm intended for a joke,” diGenova told the Daily Beast on Tuesday. “Of course I wish Mr. Krebs no harm.”

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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