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According to former host Eric Bolling, Fox News is in a state of panic over the overall drop in his ratings by 40%.

Bolling, now host of Sinclair TV, told young Republicans Turning Point USA at the annual Student Action Summit on Monday that Fox News employees don’t know how to reverse their ratings.

“Here’s what happened guys, let’s be honest with you guys I can speak to it, Donald Trump on November 3rd – Fox declared Biden the winner in Arizona. MAGA-world went ballistic, they said, “I don’t watch Fox News,” they flipped over and they looked and they found Newsmax, ”Bolling said.

“Fox has lost about 40% of its audience. 40 percent. That’s a lot, ”he said to applause.

“I still have friends out there who say they’re very, very nervous about it, they suck the wind and they don’t know how to turn the tide,” Bolling said.

Fox News has seen its ratings drop since the right-wing network prematurely called Arizona for Biden on election night.

Since then, all of Fox’s top personalities from Tucker Carlson to Neil Cavuto have seen their audiences drop by 50% as viewers turn to Newsmax, OAN and Infowars.

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Of Gateway Pundit:

Neil Cavuto drew 2.192 million viewers in August. In November, it attracted only 1.3 million.

The Five also suffered a big loss, dropping from 3.772 million in August to 2.83 million in November – minus 889,000 viewers.

Bret Baier suffered a significant drop from 1,139,000 –3.256 million in August to 2.117 million in November.

Martha MacCallum did worse: she lost 50% of her audience, going from 3.201 million to 1.613 million.

Tucker Carlson was also a big hit, dropping from 5.719 million in August to 3.444 million in November. That’s a decrease of 2.275 million.

Sean Hannity’s shining star ignites. Its audience dropped from 6.838 million to 2.839 million. This means that nearly 4 million people have fled his show.

And Laura Ingraham bled – she went from 4.82 million to 2.114. She lost 2,706 viewers.

But despite the alarming drop in ratings, Bolling said they likely won’t switch to another network because they “are already making a lot of money doing what they do.”

If Fox News hopes to recoup its losses, they should first apologize to its viewers, purge all anti-Trump / Democrat shills like Chris Wallace and Donna Brazile from its programming, and return to a “fair and balanced” approach. of his reports.

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Crowds of Trump supporters are shouting “we trusted you” and “traitors” as Fox News covers a Trump rally in Georgia.

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