Former Secretary of State Pompeo touts President Trump’s “America First” foreign policy to CPAC – Dateway

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a fiery America First speech to Conservative Political Committee, touting President Trump’s historic foreign policy shift away from globalist paradigm.

During his lengthy CPAC 2021 speech in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, Pompeo thwarted Trump’s foreign policy initiatives, including unprecedented Middle East peace deals, negotiations with North Korea, and pushing for NATO to pay its fair share of regional security.

“America First” is a perfect fit for America, ”Pompeo said. “ whole world benefits when America is fearless, bold and strong.”

Pompeo mocked Democrats for their sweeping policies, including their paradoxical push to disband police while maintaining a massive National Guard presence on Capitol Hill.

“[Democrats] want to defeat the police while they barricade the Capitol, ”Pompeo said. “It’s upside down. And canceling our freedom to assemble peacefully while censoring our online communications is completely against what our founders understood about America. “

Pompeo also burned down the employment-killing Green New Deal ambitions of the , calling the Globalist Paris Agreement “a fantasy for elite diplomats” who want to a signal of virtue.

“The Paris agreement was a fantasy for elite diplomats who just wanted to signal virtue and when Biden reinstated this agreement, I can say that Xi Xinping was smiling every minute and American lost,” a- he declared.

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“I hear Democrats pretend they care about jobs in America. But before the seats got hot in the Oval Office, they destroyed 10,000 jobs in a pipeline, ”he added.

Owen Shroyer and Pete Santilli explain how Joe Biden, a man with obvious signs of cognitive decline who could be dementia, began dropping bombs in highly controversial Syria, possibly leading to the start of a new world war.

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