Four proud members of boys stabbed in brawl near White House after election, reports show

Three men and a woman who identify as members of the far-right Proud Boys group were stabbed near the White House in the first hours after election day, according to multiple reports.

Police told NBC Washington that a brawl broke out around 2:30 a.m. near the intersection of 14th Street and New York Avenue Northwest – a few blocks from the White House campus. The four men were stabbed and hospitalized, police said, but their injuries did not appear to be life threatening.

The victims have not been formally identified, with police only saying they are linked to the right-wing pro-Trump group. However, the New York Post reported that one of the injured men is Proud Boys frontman Enrique Tarrio. Bevelyn Beatty, who gained notoriety after throwing paint on a Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower, was also reportedly injured.

A video posted to YouTube appears to show the start of the incident as a brawl breaks out on a sidewalk. You can hear the shattering glass and, after the fight is over, you can see a man bleeding profusely from his neck and a woman screaming, “They stabbed me!” The victims are then seen informing the police of what happened and requesting medical assistance.

In one Tweeter confirming a stabbing, DC police said they were looking for three suspects – two men wearing black clothes and a woman wearing what they described as “black jogging pants with white stripes, orange leggings and a dark gray coat ”. The cops said the woman had a knife.

DC Police were on high alert on Election Day and were filmed demolishing along with protesters at Black Lives Matter Plaza on Tuesday night as people awaited the results of the 2020 presidential election. not if the stabbing had anything to do with previous protests.

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