Fox Anchor pushes back when Trump aide attacks Kristen Welker: ‘She’s not an activist’

Fox News

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer briefly defended NBC News reporter Kristen Welker on Thursday from attacks by Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp, brushing aside the pretext that she is a “Democratic activist.”

In recent days, following a hit from New York Post, Welker – who is hosting Thursday night’s presidential debate – has been criticized by Trumpworld for his alleged ties to the Democratic Party. The article cites Democratic donations from Welker’s parents and a photo she took with President Barack Obama at a White House Christmas party – which a number of conservative media stars also attended – as proof of his activism and his liberal partisanship.

With President Donald Trump continuing to hype the article in order to portray Welker as unfair, Schlapp appeared on Fox News Thursday afternoon and escalated his attacks.

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