Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner mistakenly believes coworker Pete Hegseth has COVID-19, clumsiness ensues

Things quickly got awkward during the Monday afternoon broadcast of Fox News’ panel show Outnumbered when presenter Harris Faulkner mistook co-host Pete Hegseth’s first-person account of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis as his own, wishing Hegseth a “speedy recovery from COVID-19.”

Discussing the president’s hospitalization due to the coronavirus and his dangerous Sunday afternoon walk to reassure supporters that he was recovering from the illness, Hegseth brushed aside concerns about White House medics misleading the public about the dangers of Trump’s illness.

“The main idea is that we didn’t initially know how serious the prognosis was and what the developments would look like,” he said. “Thank goodness his condition has improved, he will likely be released soon, that’s good news no matter where you are on the political spectrum.”

Hegseth, a part-time adviser to the president, then took to the president’s recent Twitter videos from Walter Reed before claiming it shows the president “leading the way” on the pandemic. He then began to speak in first person as Trump.

“I had a choice, I could stay in the White House or go to Walter Reed’s and take it very seriously, I had a choice to hide in a bunker or go out with the American people,” Hegseth said, adding, “I ‘I’m here with you, I was also able to contract it despite being in an incredibly secure bubble and I’m going to go through that like many of you.

As Hegseth reproduced the same account as Greg Gutfeld, a pro-Trump Fox News personality, that the president “put himself in danger” and got sick “for us” – Faulkner apparently confused Hegseth’s remarks as personally revealing his own diagnosis to him.

“Pete, I might be living under a very large rock, but I didn’t know that about it, my friend, and I wish you a speedy recovery from COVID-19,” she said with a heartfelt sound. worry voice.

“Who me?!” Exclaimed Hegseth

“Yes,” Faulkner replied. “Isn’t that what you just said?”

“No, no, no, no – I’m talking about the president,” Hegseth clarified.

“I heard you use the first person and I was like, ‘Oh my god,’ Faulkner responded.

Hegseth, however, noted that he was at the Rose Garden event earlier this month, which was linked to a growing number of positive cases among White House officials, Republican senators and other attendees. .

“I was tested, I tested negative,” he added. “There are people who were there who did not understand it but I was talking about the president and his situation.

“Alright, when you quoted that first person, I… well, I’m glad we clarified that,” the Fox presenter said. “And also that you are in good health, of course.”

Fox News employees are said to be concerned about the number of hosts and network commentators who attended both Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett’s Rose Garden ceremony and last Tuesday’s presidential debate, which brought together a number of members of the Trump family and the White House. helps bypass mask requirements. Besides Hegseth, prime time star Laura Ingraham also attended the Barrett event.

Although Hegseth did not surprisingly reveal that he was sick with COVID-19 on Monday, another Fox News personality did. Moments after the difficult encounter, Fox News correspondent Gillian Turner stressed that she had “fully recovered” from a “blessed case” of the coronavirus, adding that her doctors had never been able to understand how she had contracted the disease.

“I wore masks all the time, stayed away from other people inside and managed to contract it anyway,” she continued. “My husband at the same time, who I obviously live with, has been negative all the time.”

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