Fox News anchor Julie Banderas shuts down Trump spokesperson Tim Murtaugh for election misinformation

Fox News anchor Julie Banderas aggressively berated Tim Murtaugh on Tuesday when campaign communications director Trump falsely claimed Democrats had moved election day to Pennsylvania, ultimately shutting him down while taking time to point out the facts to Fox viewers.

Since news networks and news outlets – including Fox News – called the 2020 presidential election for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, news anchors and legal analysts from the Trump Advocacy Network have pushed back and questioned the Trump campaign’s baseless accusations of widespread electoral fraud. At the same time, a chasm formed as many of Trump’s loudest sycophants at Fox continued to amplify the president’s narrative that the election was “stolen” from him.

It would seem that the Banderas belong to the first category.

Interviewing Murtaugh on Tuesday afternoon, the Fox presenter immediately pointed out that the Trump campaign’s election prosecutions in several key battlefield states where the president is behind were dismissed by the courts before asking him why he thinks Team Trump’s latest effort in Pennsylvania will be different. .

This lawsuit in question argues that the surge in the number of postal ballots – which largely rocked Democrats – created an “illegal two-tier voting system” because postal voting “lacked all the features. transparency and verifiability that were present for voters in person. “

Murtaugh told Fox that the state conducted an “unconstitutional election” because “there was no guarantee” for any of the mail-in ballots, insisting their lawsuit falls under the clause. equal protection of the constitution.

Banderas responded that much of the Trump team’s argument centered on the state allowing mail-in ballots to be received up to three days after election day as long as they were stamped with the post before Nov. 3, causing a back-and-forth over state law. extend the deadline which quickly exploded.

“They actually moved polling day to three days,” Murtaugh grumbled. “Remember, this is what Democrats accused President Trump of wanting to do months ago. They said, “Oh, he’s going to move on election day.” Well, the Democrats did.

The Trump flack continued to claim that the president’s legal team had affidavits proving allegations of electoral fraud before Banderas intervened, exclaiming that “election day has not been moved.”

Trump’s flack attempted to roll over and talk about Banderas at this point, prompting the Fox News host to finally put his foot down.

“Wait a second, wait a second, you’re not listening to what I was saying,” she exclaimed. “If this ballot was mailed out before election day, in other words, if you drop the ballot in the mail on November 2, it won’t arrive in Pennsylvania or any of those counties.” before November 4 or 5. If it is postmarked on November 3, it is not polling day that is moving, it is giving it a few days to get to the polling stations.

Murtaugh countered that Pennsylvania law previously required ballots to be received on election day and it was the State Supreme Court and Secretary of State who changed that law, while claiming that Banderas “confused the law”.

The Fox News anchor, however, had the final say, interrupting Murtaugh to return to live coverage of a Senate hearing into the origins of the Russia inquiry.

“I’m not confusing the law,” she said as Murtaugh’s voice faded in the background. “I know votes were allowed as long as they were stamped.”

As Murtaugh attempted to retaliate, his thread was cut and Fox News turned to the Senate.

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