Fox News’ Bret Baier confronts Josh Hawley with harsh truth that Biden will be president

Fox News anchor Bret Baier pressed Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) on Monday night over the Tory lawmaker’s ploy to oppose the results of the presidential election to Congress this week, asking him directly if he had a responsibility to tell his constituents that Joe Biden will still become president later this month.

Late last month, Hawley became the first Republican Senator to join President Donald Trump’s ultimate effort to reverse Biden’s decisive victory, joining the majority of House Republicans who now say they will reject the results of the electoral college. Since Hawley announced his plan, at least 12 other GOP senators have come forward to say they would oppose the voters list as well.

Asked by Baier whether his “ultimate goal” is to call off the election and keep Trump in power, Hawley initially insisted he was simply trying to “defend” his constituents who had “Major concerns” about the integrity of the elections.

“They want new electoral laws to guarantee the security of the elections,” he added. “This is my chance to stand up and speak for them as someone who needs to take their concerns seriously and speak out. This is what I’m going to do. “

After dodging the question of Fox anchor Martha MacCallum whether he intended to change the election result, Hawley claimed he was only responding to concerns about “allegations of impropriety” in states. like Pennsylvania, which Biden won.

Baier, meanwhile, noted that the United States Supreme Court had not taken on any of the cases challenging Pennsylvania’s election laws and ballots, adding that courts across the country had largely dismissed the lawsuits. election campaign due to lack of evidence and status.

“Are you trying to say that starting January 20, President Trump will be president?” Baier asked the senator from Missouri.

“Well, Bret, it depends on what’s going on Wednesday. That’s why we have the debate, ”replied Hawley.

“No it isn’t,” the Fox News presenter said.

“States, by the Constitution, say they certify the election, they have certified it,” Baier continued. “According to the Constitution, Congress does not have the right to revoke certification. At least as most experts read. “

As Hawley tried to point to a law to justify his plan, Baier jumped in to note that there appears to be no constitutional path for Congress to return the results.

“Having said that, we have a certification vote and we have the opportunity to debate the results, certify the results, count them and then certify them. What I mean is this is my only opportunity during the process to raise an objection and be heard, ”said lawmaker pushing Trump.

“Don’t you have a responsibility to your constituents to tell them that it will no longer be President Trump as of January 21?” Baier retaliated.

Hawley once again asserted that he was “trying to do something more than that” and that this process was all about “the integrity of our elections” and “taking a stand”.

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