Fox News claims it is heading towards the “center”. His “outnumbered” daytime news show is definitely not.

As Fox tries to determine its place in a post-Trump media landscape, the network has claimed it is moving “center-right.” A laughable claim, critics say, which is easily refuted by Fox’s prime-time far-right cope, but also by the change in tone of a key midday talk show.

Outnumbered, who debuted in 2014 as a female-led panel show (with a gimmicky “lucky one” referred to as the sole male panelist), has always straddled Fox’s increasingly blurry dividing his “hard-core” ”and his opinions. But the show has long winked at its “fair and balanced” credentials by featuring a lone liberal expert among its rotating panel.

However, over the past few months, and as Fox continues to face a drop in ratings – at least in part due to MAGA die-hards ditching the network after its press office made specific calls on election night for Joe Biden – the midday talk show appears to have been cut short by two key Liberal regulars in Marie Harf and Jessica Tarlov.

And rather, Outnumbered took a noticeably right turn, stacking his panels with conservative voices and giving more prominent placement to fiery provocateurs like Tomi Lahren. The resulting show is one that, like much of Fox’s programming, now appears to be focused on bringing forward conservative grievances of culture and war.

“Tomi [Lahren] has no credibility, no summary of experience other than derogatory yelling on the internet.“

– A current Fox staff member

“The ratings have gone down and they want more right-wing voices,” a Fox staffer told The Daily in assessing the new tone of the midday show, especially in light of the network’s overhaul. ‘much of its lineup to add more straight hours. – wing opinion commentary.

The extended Outnumbered the absence of Harf and Tarlov – who continue to appear elsewhere on the network – notably occurred almost immediately after an intense skirmish on the air in early December between Harf and the permanent host of the program Harris Faulkner on the cover of the deadly coronavirus pandemic program. .

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