Fox News cuts Georgia Press to let Trump Lackey Jason Miller attack election officials

In the middle of the Monday afternoon press conference from the Georgian Secretary of State’s office on President Donald Trump’s many election conspiracies, Fox News cut its footing to give Trump’s senior campaign adviser Jason Miller, the opportunity to peddle even more baseless allegations and attacks against election officials.

Following the President’s cheeky appeal to Republican Georgia Sec. of state Brad Raffensperger in which the president pressured the Georgian official to “find” 11,780 more Trump votes in the state, Gabriel Sterling, director of the implementation of the voting system of GA , delivered a complete and breathless debunking of the president’s unsubstantiated allegations.

Step by step, Sterling – who is also a Republican – shattered every one of the president’s false statements Trump had made about the Georgia election, including extravagant claims about counting “suitcases” of fake ballots in the county. de Fulton after poll observers. and witnesses were sent home.

“That’s what’s frustrating,” Sterling said Monday afternoon. “The President’s legal team had the entire tape, they watched the entire tape, and then intentionally misled the Senate, the voters and the people of the United States about it. It was intentional, it was obvious, and anyone watching that knows it!

Amid Sterling’s dazzling verification of the president’s dangerous election lies, Fox News stepped away from its live coverage in order to give a flack of the incumbent president’s zombie campaign an opportunity to offer more of the usual.

“I know a lot of viewers are very much in tune with the clarifications he’s trying to make. Videos that have gone viral. He says there’s nothing wrong there, “host Bill Hemmer said after cutting the crowbar, alluding to the heavy coverage Fox News gave the” suitcase “video.

Hemmer then turned to Miller for a reaction, who immediately claimed that Sterling’s fact-checking was two months too late, even as Sterling and other Georgian officials consistently rebuffed the baseless claims of Trump and his allies for weeks now.

“The point is that we are here on January 4th, the day before the second round of the election and Mr Sterling looked very nervous like someone who was not very confident that things are going to be okay tomorrow and not confident in keeping their jobs, ”Miller added.

Trump’s aide continued to accuse Sterling of “keeping quiet” about issues such as matching signatures on mail-in ballots and “voting out of state,” two topics Sterling has addressed. discussed at length throughout the press conference that took place during Miller’s interview.

“The whole presentation – he glossed over so many of these key things,” Miller grumbled. “Why was this not done with our lawyers and our team a month or two ago?”

“Why was that? Hemmer responded. “You seem to be a significant doubter based on this explanation. Gabe Sterling is a Republican. He’s been in politics for decades, Jason. You know.”

Miller, meanwhile, would conclude the conversation by erasing Sterling’s fact-checking with a Star wars reference.

“We have to get to the bottom of it and we can’t just gloss over and say we’re going to get there at some point,” he said. “Just because Gabe Sterling got up there and said, ‘Well, I heard it and it’s not that bad.’ You know like Star wars, ‘These are not the drones you are looking for.’

“Mr. Sterling, that won’t do it,” Miller concluded. “We want to sit down, look at the signatures, and make sure the legal votes are counted.”

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