Fox News cuts Trump campaign briefing on election fraud allegations

Fox News presenter Neil Cavuto said Monday “ not so fast ” as he cut off Kayleigh McEnany’s “ baseless allegations ” of voter fraud. “She accuses the other side of welcoming the fraud and illegal voting. Unless she has more details to back it up, I can’t, in a good mood, continue to show it to you,” he said. Cavuto said interrupting the press conference. Kayleigh McEnany is both the White House press secretary and spokesperson for the Trump campaign, which continues to push the campaign’s allegations of electoral fraud. The Trump campaign lobbied to challenge the election results won by Democratic President-elect Joe Biden on Monday. At a press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany called for transparency and suggested there were pending legal votes that weren’t had not yet been counted. “Our position is clear. We want to protect the frankness of the American people. We want an honest, accurate and legal count. We want maximum sunlight. We want maximum transparency,” McEnany said. “Legal experts have said the Trump campaign cases are narrow in scope and likely won’t change the outcome. Even if the court takes up the case and rules for Republicans, it likely wouldn’t affect the final vote. in Pennsylvania because the case only concerns mail-in ballots received after November 3. State officials have indicated that late ballots represent only a tiny proportion of the overall vote. Brexit to HD movie trailers, The Sun newspaper brings you the latest videos and explanations from the UK and around the world.A Sun subscriber and hit the bell to be the first to know Read the sun: love it sun on Facebook: follow the sun on Twitter: subscribe to the sun on Snapchat :.

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