Fox News host Greg Gutfeld enters negotiation phase, suggests Trump should run in 2024

President Donald Trump seemingly on the verge of defeat, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday afternoon appeared to enter both the negotiation and acceptance phases of mourning, resigning himself to the president’s fate by suggesting that Trump should run again in 2024.

Ahead of Wednesday’s broadcast of The five, the network called Michigan for Biden following a huge heavily Democratic mail-order tally, leaving the ex-veep just six timid electoral votes to clinch the White House, according to projections by Fox’s ruling office News.

Throughout the , Gutfeld and his fellow pro-Trump host Jesse Watters openly questioned their own network’s decision the day before to call Arizona for Biden, repeatedly playing on the Trump’s path to 270 which included Grand Canyon state – despite his network’s decision on the state. .

Gutfeld, meanwhile, more subtly criticized Fox News’ decision-making office for making the Arizona call that enraged the Trump team. “It’s not about networks. this is an election, ”he muttered. “So this race to be the first and get the top marks is great, but at what cost?”

Later in the series, however, Gutfeld appeared to accept that Biden could very well be victorious, entering the accepting phase of real-time mourning to determine ways in which a loss of Trump might be beneficial.

“I’m generally very optimistic,” he said. “You have to have a long-term vision. The will keep under control.

After Watters intervened to ask if he now assumes the ex-veep would win, Gutfeld pointed to the electoral vote tally to say Biden was in a “good position.” And then, “But even more interesting, if you think Trump is going away, it’s just a second act,” the Fox host said. “2020 is the second act. 2024 is the third act.

With moans and laughter from his colleagues, Gutfeld continued, “Trump’s presidency was a first, Trump as former president is another first. And it will impact all of us in the media, the people who were on the networks. ’re going to have dueling presidents. It’s not going to go away. He will campaign, he will organize rallies. He understands this country and how people feel. He’s not going away. And I think the country is less divided than think because it has done a good job with minorities.

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