Fox News host Greg Gutfeld questions Biden’s pre-trial arraignment in case he wins

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday afternoon pitched the idea of ​​Republicans starting a “preventive indictment” against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, saying they could launch him “tomorrow” just “In case he wins” the election.

In a discussion on the Fox News panel show The five about claims by Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s Chinese business relationship – a claim multiple media have reported is not supported by documents provided by Bobulinski – Gutfeld suggested that impeachment should be on the table immediately.

“That’s what I cautioned against on impeachment, if you lower the bar that much and create that simple impeachment threshold, you have to apply it universally on both sides,” Five co-host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery noted. “If Tony Bobulinski says that Hunter Biden knew about it all, if all of this is thoroughly proven and Joe Biden took a dime out of it, then why not you, if you use the same threshold and the same standard, why not to impeach Joe Biden?

After Kennedy said this is why “the whole scenario will backfire awkwardly” on the impeachment issue, Gutfeld took that thought and ran with it.

“Yes, impeachment is contagious,” he told Liberal co-host Juan Williams. “Juan, why don’t the Republicans launch a preventive indictment against Joe Biden, in case he wins?” They could start tomorrow, what do you think?

Impeaching Biden now seems like a foolish task, of course. Currently, Democrats hold a majority in the House of Representatives and are expected to increase their seats in the next election, meaning they almost certainly could not pass an impeachment resolution.

Williams, meanwhile, laughed at Gutfeld’s suggestion, saying it would make a “big show” in “prime time” before dismissing the idea – and Bobulinski – entirely.

“For me, the bottom line here is that the conspiracy theories are a lot of fun, including the impossible impeachment hearing before the man was chosen,” Williams exclaimed. “But I would say, how believable is this guy?” I mean, I just don’t know.

The progressive Fox News expert would go on to point out that the Wall Street Journal’s The News Division relayed Bobulinski’s story initially, as the documents he provided did not hold his claims, adding that he “just wasn’t credible.”

Gutfeld, once one of Fox News’s loudest skeptics of Trump, has recently turned into one of the network’s most blatant supporters. In addition to doing an eighty on Trump’s “very good people” defense against the Charlottesville violence, Gutfeld also claimed the president got sick of the coronavirus “for us.”

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