Fox News host Harris Faulkner lets ex-AG Matt Whitaker lie about ‘thousands’ of voters dead in Nevada

Former Trump Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker on Wednesday peddled a plot that “thousands of dead voters” in Nevada voted in the recent election, a false claim that the Fox News presenter, Harris Faulkner, did not rebut or refute.

As President Donald Trump continued to push forward his long-term legal challenges to President-elect Joe Biden’s clear victory, Faulkner asked Whitaker on Wednesday afternoon if he saw ways for the president to overturn the results of the elections in several key states.

“In each case, there will be legal proceedings that will generate facts and then a legal analysis. Everyone will play their way through the courts, ”replied Whitaker. “There’s no question in my mind that at the end of the day there will be a winner and there will be a loser. I think for now we have to be confident that the process will work and that all parties will be heard and that all voters who have voted legally will have their votes counted.

Whitaker, a Trump loyalist who briefly served as acting attorney general after the president sacked Jeff Sessions, suggested that the Trump campaign had compiled a lot of evidence for his lawsuits, pointing to “affidavits filed by people who observed events that occurred. Election Day. ”(Judges have already dismissed several lawsuits, saying the Trump team’s affidavits showed no evidence of wrongdoing.)

After the ex-AG said court proceedings must take place in order to achieve an “orderly transition of power,” Faulkner intervened to note that this situation was similar to the previous election.

“We saw it with Hillary Clinton,” she said. “She conceded but the Democrats continued their legal action. A Democrat appointed by President Trump said that “ the 2020 general election was one of the most smooth and well-organized elections we have seen, and it is remarkable given all the challenges. ” What is your reaction to this? “

Whitaker, meanwhile, took the opportunity to dismiss a totally unfounded allegation of widespread electoral fraud.

“Well, again, I think we have places like Nevada where thousands of dead voters have voted who shouldn’t have. There have been other potential illegal votes. Each of these should be evaluated and see if it makes a difference in the outcome. “

He went on to say that “there are still states too close to call” and that “when you reduce the margins, every legal vote counts”, adding that if there are illegal votes, we need to make sure that those – here do not. t distort the votes. “

Faulkner, however, simply let Whitaker’s bogus claims slip away, ending the segment instead by noting that the pandemic made things difficult for this election before asking “what we could have changed early on to make a difference.”

Whitaker’s claims about Nevada, meanwhile, have no basis in fact. Although the president’s campaign made unsubstantiated allegations of massive fraud in Nevada – where Biden currently holds a lead of more than 36,000 votes – Trump’s lawyers have only presented evidence of one possible case of fraud in Nevada. state, and this has yet to be proven. Even the Trump administration’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency disputes that votes are cast and counted on behalf of the deceased.

The Trump campaign also alleged that more than 3,000 out-of-state voters “misvoted” mail-in votes in Nevada. However, a closer look shows that the Trump team list includes hundreds of military addresses, indicating that the list is largely made up of military personnel stationed elsewhere and voting in their home state.

In the past few days, since Fox News joined other networks in calling for Biden to run, many Fox News presenters and legal analysts have rebuffed and challenged the Trump campaign’s claim that Trump actually won. election and was a victim of general election. fraud. At the same time, however, network hosts and commentators who boost Trump have amplified and supported the president’s stolen election rhetoric.

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