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The Trump campaign is challenging the election , citing fraud and irregularities, including the use of “dead souls” – the filing of ballots using the names of dead people.

Fox host Tucker Carlson has revealed a long list of dead Americans who “voted” on election day.

The list, presented on its Wednesday night show, contained the names and dates of death of dozens of U.S. citizens – some of whom had died as early as 2003.

While the voting choices of the deceased voters were not disclosed, the host surmised that they chose Biden.

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The host criticized mainstream media for being “fully vested with a Joe Biden presidency” and for not covering the alleged fraud in the election, saying they were doing so on purpose.

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Carlson says the alleged voter fraud was facilitated by postal voting. “The dead tend to vote more often when you make it easy for them,” he explains.

“The pretext was COVID. “We had to do this for public health reasons,” remember? “We had no choice! It was a public health emergency! He said, seemingly making a parody of local . “The effect was to encourage fraud,” Carlson concludes.

Carlson gave the example of Nevada, where ballots were sent to “every registered voter” in the state, whether or not they requested the ballots, and where more than 40,000 registrations were not received. updates for 10 years. Carlson speculates that these ballots could be sent to deceased people, received, and then dropped off by someone else.

False allegations of electoral fraud could cause just as many problems, however, according to the Fox host.

The dead voters?

The dramatic US election on November 3 between Donald Trump and Joe Biden reached its breaking point on the fifth day of the count, when the mainstream US media projected the former vice president as the winner.

Biden quickly accepted the role of president-elect, but Trump refused to give in and vowed to challenge the outcome of the vote in several game-changing states, saying the process was fraught with irregularities and crimes.

In particular, the Trump team argued that a substantial number of votes were cast by the dead, citing Pennsylvania as an example.

U.S. media also reported that postal votes were cast by Americans who died in New York and Florida.

More recently, the Trump campaign succeeded in having Georgian authorities perform a full manual of the ballots in the presidential election, due to the proximity of the .

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