Fox News presenter Sandra Smith accuses Brad Raffensperger of putting us in jeopardy by making an appeal

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith openly criticized Georgia Sec on Tuesday. of state Brad Raffensperger for posting the recording of President Donald Trump asking him to “find” votes to overthrow Georgia, telling the Republican state official that he may have put the United States in “Peril” by exposing the call.

Hours before the polls closed in the decisive Georgia Senate second-round races, Fox anchor repeatedly asked Raffensperger about the large number of postal votes and whether he was concerned about illegal voting and fraudulent.

Raffensperger said “the law is the law” and state officials made sure to verify signatures, adding that the increase in the absentee vote was due to the coronavirus pandemic. He then turned to the number of false allegations and plots Trump and his allies have peddled in the wake of the president’s decisive loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

“There have been so many false rumors and misinformation that have unfolded that it has damaged voter confidence in this election and why President Trump had to come here and fix the damage he caused,” said Raffensperger. “He has people who supported him by telling people not to come and vote. No, we need people to come and vote. It is very important.”

The Fox anchor, who was apparently on the network’s “direct news” list, claimed the secretary appeared to “get very political in nature” before suggesting he released the recording of his call with Trump as an “attack on the president.” “

“I am going to ask you about this phone call which has been leaked now that you had with the president and which you have officially told one of my colleagues that you think it is important to divulge this phone call” , she noted. “Others might say it was a phone call with the President of the United States. His team pushes back saying it was a confidential phone call. Why did you decide to disclose this? “

Raffensperger said that “it was not a confidential conversation,” adding that there had been “no pre-arranged, lawyer-to-lawyer meeting”, and it was the president who came first. went to Twitter to disclose that they had had the discussion.

“You have publicly stated that you believe your numbers will be backed up by the court of law,” Smith replied. “Why did you try to run away from a phone call with the president?” Don’t you worry about the precedent that creates? “

“The president said we had a phone call. He made it public. He has 80 million followers on Twitter. I understand the powers he has behind him. We have 40 thousand. I understand all this. He continues to be misled or unwilling to believe the facts and we have the facts on our side, ”Raffensperger replied.

Smith, however, continued to push the secretary for leaking the call to the press, wondering aloud if he had created a full-blown national security problem.

“Why not let him play in court?” Smith asked. “Why put our country in jeopardy by dropping a phone call of this nature and not just let your numbers and facts play out in court?”

“I do not understand how the truth would endanger the country,” replied the Republican of Georgia. “We stand by the facts and the truth. We have numbers. Come to our office. I have the figures in front of me and we posted them yesterday at our press conference. They will be part of our repositories for prosecution. “

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