Fox News Still Defends Its Seth Rich Lies Three Years Later

More than four years have passed since the right-wing, pro-Donald Trump conspiracy machine – fueled by theorists from 4Chan and Reddit, WikiLeaks impresario Julian Assange, and finally by Fox News – began to spread fantasies. toxic about the death of Seth Rich.

The machine continues to pull away – as with the recent fall of Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani into Seth Rich’s rabbit hole – even as the 45th president’s political future is threatened by the election results of next Tuesday.

Rich was the 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staff member who was gunned down by unknown assailants in a seemingly botched robbery on a Washington, DC sidewalk one block from his home in the wee hours of 10 July 2016.

Almost alone among the conspirators, who pushed for variations on the theme that Rich could have been murdered by a successful Democratic Party team hired by Hillary Clinton in retaliation for leaking a damaging DNC email cache to Assange, Fox News is still grappling with the fallout while defending in Federal Court.

Last Friday, for example, prime-time star Sean Hannity, one of the worst offenders in the Seth Rich fiasco, was scheduled to sit for a lengthy deposition in a March 2018 lawsuit brought by Mary and Joel Rich. , Seth’s parents, alleging “ intentional infliction. of emotional distress ”against Fox News and one of the digital reporters of Trump’s sympathetic cable company Malia Zimmerman, with Fox News commentator Ed Butowsky.

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