Fox News tries to tell Trump on TV the party is over

PDonald Trump’s favorite network spent the weekend trying to wire him a simple message: the party is over.

After days of anticipation, former Vice President Joe Biden was finally declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election when the media, including Fox News, felt comfortable enough with Biden’s lead. in the state of Pennsylvania, at the tipping point, to call him for him, pushing the Democratic candidate. out of the 270 votes required from the electoral college.

At the same time Fox News triggered Biden’s election, the Trump campaign held a bizarre press conference in Philadelphia where President Rudy Giuliani’s attorney continued to make unsubstantiated allegations of widespread electoral fraud while insisting on the fact that the Trump team was moving forward with their legal challenges. .

While stridently pro-Trump media such as Newsmax TV – which makes a concerted effort to appeal to disgruntled MAGA supporters upset by Fox – refused to call the election for Biden while peddling Giuliani’s claims, hosts and commentators Fox News spread the message on Saturday – perhaps in an attempt to reach one of their most loyal viewers – that the president’s lawsuits are unsuccessful because there is no evidence of massive voter fraud.

Moments after the network called the race – they waited until most other networks and outlets announced their screenings – Fox News presenter Chris Wallace noted on air that the president was refusing to accept the results and would continue to move forward with the legal campaign and recount the efforts. The veteran anchor, meanwhile, pointed out that it was ultimately a wasteful endeavor.

“Trump has every right to take legal action, unlike other failed candidates in the past,” he said. “So far we haven’t seen anything that can reach a level of serious fraud and certainly not serious fraud that would change the election results.”

Wallace also said Trump’s position would become “more and more untenable” over the next few days as prominent Republicans move on and predict a post-Trump White House, adding that “you’re going to see more of it. as well as from Republican leadership in the Senate, the House and across the country. “

News presenters Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, who led much of Saturday’s election coverage, have repeated throughout the day that the Trump campaign has so far presented no evidence to support their claims according to which the election had been stolen from the president.

“We haven’t seen widespread fraud yet, no evidence of widespread fraud,” Baier said at one point in the early afternoon. “We continue to review the allegations as they arise and we continue to fail to find this.”

Members of the Trump campaign who appeared on the channel over the weekend were also pressed to present their evidence as the network’s “hard news” presenters hammered home the message that there was no evidence of fraud. this day.

Sandra Smith, for example, toasted Trump campaign strategist Harmeet Dhillon when she noted that they would continue to challenge their lawsuits in a bid to overturn the results in multiple states.

“The point is, there is no evidence of this voter fraud or at least widespread evidence of voter fraud,” Smith said. “There is a new campaign statement that says it means counting all legal ballots and not counting illegal ballots. you are therefore arguing that you did not even have the opportunity to find evidence of electoral fraud. So how do you plan to do this to prove it in court? “

Dhillon, meanwhile, said they did have evidence, indicating “individual affidavits being filed,” prompting Smith to retaliate, “Where? Where did you find this?

“I’m not telegraphing my legal strategy in advance,” Dhillon replied obediently.

The report from Pennsylvania – ground zero for long-term Trump campaign prosecutions – weekend anchor Eric Shawn openly debunked Giuliani’s accusations and claims by quoting local election officials and experts.

“I have spoken with several people who work here as counters – they have been counting the votes since Tuesday, and they all told me it was impossible to commit fraud and describe strict monitoring of protocol in the counting rooms. He said, adding that security is so tight that the vote counters can’t even bring pens to mark up potential ballots.

But it wasn’t just personalities in the network who apparently sent the message to Trump that it was time to accept that he had lost and that nothing will change that. Several pro-Trump commentators and analysts have explained that the prosecution of Trump is hopeless while clearly pushing the president to concede and make a peaceful transition of power.

Fox News legal analyst Andrew McCarthy pointed out one of the main contradictions in Team Trump’s argument: Democrats devised systematic voter fraud to steal the election: apparently they forgot to rig the elections. ballots in the House and Senate.

“If you put President Trump aside, Democrats lost this election, you know, they lost the Senate, we’ll see what happens in January,” McCarthy said. “They lost seats in the House. It will be difficult for people to swallow the idea that there was a massive fraud scheme if it turns out that, you know, they forgot as part of the scheme to make sure Democrats have the Senate, take the Senate and advance their position in the house. So I just think, you know, it’s very difficult.

McCarthy also noted that the Trump campaign seemed to be backing down in some of their legal positions, apparently indicating that they might be setting the table for Trump to concede, which Fox News would later report.

“What that will look like over the next few days is that the claims are either crumbling or they just don’t have enough fraud to be able to really challenge the margins by which they lost states,” he said. he observed. “I think at some point it gets hopeless and, you know, when it gets hopeless and the president accepts that, if that happens, I think he’ll have to concede.

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley, who was one of the president’s impeachment witnesses, also expressed skepticism about the president’s chances of his prosecution going anywhere in court.

“We haven’t seen this evidence and until we do, they hunt elephants with braves,” he said. “We need something with a little more with a high caliber if you want to overturn an election result or a determination. We are therefore waiting for this evidence to emerge.

Pro-Trump expert Marc Thiessen, in addition to saying no evidence of widespread fraud has been presented, praised Biden on his victory while saying he hoped the ex-veep could “bring people together “. The former George W. Bush speechwriter also praised Trump before citing his reasons for believing the president lost, which notably did not include the election “shenanigans” that the Trump and the staunchest allies have claimed without evidence.

“The fact that it was so close shows it was a winnable race and that he lost,” he said. “And the reason I think he lost, if we go back and look at this race, the time he lost the race was September 29 in that first debate because there was – the people who decided this race in my opinion were the reluctant Trump. voters. “

Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer, George W. Bush’s former White House press secretary and Trump loyalist for the past four years, said on air he believed the president would eventually concede and it just took a few days to process the whole thing. situation.

“I believe in decency in all areas and I think the decent thing to do is let the president take whatever time he wants to absorb this,” Fleischer said. “It’s not easy. It’s extraordinarily close. So if the president has to take a few days or more to absorb, finally accept and I think he will finally accept the result of the people.

He would go on to say that Trump is “cut from a different cloth” and that it “would be a mistake to ask him” to give a quick concession speech, adding that we should “let go of the rhythm that keeps people together. in this country.”

While on the air, Fox News brushed off Trump’s election fraud allegations and pushed him to accept the loss, Trump loyalists to the network took to Twitter to parrot the president Rhetoric of “stolen elections” the Saturday.

“The fight is not over,” Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren yelled in a post flagged by Twitter as misinformation. “We will not stop until the voter fraud is revealed and ended!” Our PRESIDENT @realDonaldTrump will continue to fight. “

And on Sunday morning, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was back to peddling plots that liberal philanthropist George Soros – the conservative media’s favorite scarecrow – had funded the effort to steal the election from Trump. .

“I think he should do a lot to convince Republicans that this is more than a left-wing takeover funded by people like George Soros, deeply rooted at the local level,” Gingrich stormed. “And, frankly, I think it’s a corrupt and stolen election. It’s very hard for me to understand how we’re going to work together without some really, really big steps from Biden.

(Fox & Friends Sunday host Jedediah Bila would push Gingrich away, claiming they “saw no evidence” of any “stolen election” funded by Soros.)

Moments later, of course, the outgoing president quoted Gingrich extensively in a social media rant to continue to claim that the election was stolen from him. Twitter reported the allegations as “disputed.”

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