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Responding to the beheading of a teacher by an Islamist in Paris, the French ambassador to Sweden, Etienne de Gonneville, told the SVT channel: “France is a Muslim country”.

Yes really.

Samuel Paty was beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen jihadist in revenge for showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to students in a free speech class.

The country responded with mass protest marches in major cities and President Emmanuel Macron pledged to protect freedom of expression in honor of the victim.

However, Macron’s vow to fight the Islamists caused an uproar in many Muslim countries, notably Turkey, which effectively sided with jihadism by announcing boycotts on French products.

Today, the French ambassador to Sweden himself seemed to capitulate to the Islamists by declaring: “France is a Muslim country”.

Etienne de Gonneville told the Swedish national channel SVT: “Firstly, France is a Muslim country. Islam is the second religion in France. We have between 4 and 8 million French people who have a Muslim heritage. “

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The ambassador then claimed that “al-Qaeda propaganda” and not “Islam” was to blame for Paty’s murder, despite the local Muslim community urging revenge on the teacher for have shown the cartoons.

“The media must know how to approach the issue of Islamic terrorism and not fall into the trap of the idea that it is supposed to offend Islam. Islam is very diverse, ”said de Gonneville.

“Those we hear now speak on behalf of these radical Islamist groups. We must not give them more weight than they have. They are a tiny minority. “

As we underlined yesterday, following the beheading of Paty, 79% of the French believe that Islamism “declared war” on their country.



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