France: tear gas deployed in Lyon as thousands of people gather to decry "global security" bill

Subscribe to our channel! A demonstration against the so-called “global security” bill which brought together thousands of people in front of the Lyon Assize and Appeal Court ended on Tuesday with tear gas. Nearly 2,000 demonstrators were gathered with signs reading “Everyone is policed, except the police?” and “No to dictatorship”. “The game is not over. Now the bill has to go through the Senate and we have seen that, despite everything, several members of the majority are reluctant to support the bill after seeing what has happened. Monday in Paris during the gathering of migrants. We are aware of the usefulness of images filmed by journalists or citizens to show police violence, “said Vincent Lanier, secretary general of the National Union of Journalists (SNJ). The police used tear gas to disperse protesters, who were seen running amid clouds of smoke. The ‘Global Security’ Bill would make it illegal to broadcast footage in which police or gendarmes can be personally identified , and has been widely criticized by activists and journalists, who say it would pose a threat to press freedom. The bill was approved on Tuesday by the lower house of the Assembly na national government and should be presented to the country’s Senate in January. Brussels on Monday warned France that it will review the bill to ensure it complies with European Union law, and reminded the country that journalists must be able to “work freely and safely” . #France #Lyon Video ID: 20201124-065 Video on demand: Contact: Twitter: Facebook :.
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