‘Freedom Bracelet’ tracking device launched in Israel as an alternative to quarantine – Dateway

Israel has deployed what it calls a “ bracelet,” a tracking device that will serve as an alternative to a two-week quarantine for anyone entering the country from abroad.

The device, which looks like a smartwatch, is produced by a company called SuperCom, which has previously worked with governments in several countries on systems for tracking and monitoring prisoners.

Photo by JACK GUEZ / AFP via Getty Images

Ordan Trabelsi, CEO of SuperCom, : “We call it a ‘ bracelet’ because we are not locking anyone up, but rather giving them the opportunity to return home.

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… And be followed by the government if they try to leave their home.

“No one has to do it, but for those who are interested, it gives them another option: more flexibility,” added Trabelsi.

Photo by JACK GUEZ / AFP via Getty Images

So, Choices are locked up for two weeks in a quarantine hotel administered by the military, or take the tracking bracelet.

It doesn’t really sound like “”.

The development comes at the same time as a court ruling demanding that the country’s national spy agency, the Shin Bet, waive oversight of Covid-19 contact tracing.

The court ruled that the efforts were “draconian” and threatened democracy in the country, and could only be used in an emergency.

Israel also operates a two-tier society in which those who have been vaccinated have a “green pass” to go anywhere they want, and those who haven’t must be locked up.

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