French elite caught breaking lockdown rules by frequenting secret restaurants – Dateway

Even as Parisians continue to fight the lockdown, of the French elite, potentially including government ministers, have been caught frequenting secret restaurants breaking the rules in the French capital.

The French television M6 broadcast secretly recorded images of illegal dinners taking place in an “underground restaurant located in a beautiful district” of Paris.

The clip shows at the restaurant without masks openly kissing and violating social distancing rules. There also appears to be no restriction on the number of allowed.

The cost of the dinners – up to 490 euros per person, highlights the fact that the private club caters exclusively to wealthy visitors.

According to an anonymous organizer of such events, later revealed to be Pierre-Jean Chalencon, the owner of Palais Vivienne, they take place two to three times a week and are attended by government ministers.

Chalencon later claimed he was joking when he admitted the offenses.

Last night, Paris Attorney General Rémy Heitz opened an investigation into the case, saying the organizers and participants would be prosecuted.

“If ministers or MPs broke the rules, they must pay fines and be penalized like any other citizen,” said young minister Marlene Schiappa.

This is just the latest example of of government and other insiders in major Western countries avoiding the same lockdown policies they impose on other people.

Last month, John Kerry was caught his face mask as soon as he boarded a flight to Boston.

Joe Biden also violated his own order on the day he was signed when his family participated in a photoshoot on federal property after their masks.

The rampant hypocrisy of California Governor Gavin Newsom was revealed when he was filmed unmasked eating inside a Michelin-starred restaurant with a group of 12 while telling Californians they couldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving than outside.

When Nancy Pelosi visited a barbershop in San Francisco, breaking rules that only allow outside service, she also removed her mask.

Meanwhile, in the UK, one of the main architects of the country’s lockdown policy, Professor Neil Ferguson, has broken the law to visit his married mistress in London.



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