French people ‘incite anger’ over ‘brutal colonial past’, ‘insensitivity’ to Muslims – Dateway

Following a Tunisian Muslim migrant beheading an elderly Christian woman and massacring two other Christians in a church in Nice, the Associated Press published an article claiming that the French “incite anger” among Muslims because of their ” brutal colonial past ”and that of their president insensitive to their faith.

From the AP:

AP explains: Why France arouses such anger in the Muslim world

PARIS (AP) – Many countries, especially in the democratic West, defend freedom of speech and allow publications that scandalize the Prophet of Islam. So why is France the target of demonstrations and calls for boycott in the Muslim world, and so often the target of deadly violence on the part of extremist margins?

The AP and writer Angela Charlton followed the story with this article:

As a reminder, the AP responded last year to news of a Mormon family brutally slaughtered by narco-terrorists in Mexico by writing an article claiming that the Mormon Church was “forced to face its history of polygamy. “.

In contrast, after Ahmaud Arbery was killed earlier this year and his criminal past and a history of threatening police were revealed, the PA published an article claiming that Arbery – who was on probation for having stole a 65-inch television at the time of his death – had “Enrolled in college in Georgia” and “was preparing to become an electrician” after putting his problems “largely behind him”.

Christians and Westerners must be intimidated by ancient history, but “people of oppression” must not be held responsible for the crimes they committed yesterday!

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