From Washington to Trump The History of Election Day Drinks

I always try to write about alcohol and end up writing about politics whether I like it or not (mostly, I don’t). It’s an easy border to cross: more Brooklyn-Queens than the old West Berlin-East Berlin. There is no Checkpoint Charlie to cross.

With politics always having the ability to make people tense, of course, and alcohol always having at least some ability to appease the worried mind, the connection is by no means new. I don’t want to give it a blanket endorsement (not that it would make a little difference to how much alcohol people drink or why), but there have always been times when a little booze turned out. be just the right amount of coolant for the steaming, sticky mental gearbox that can result from political engagement.

Take, for example, April 22, 1783.

The British were whipped. They had lost the war. The treaty has been signed. All they had to do was get out of the hell of the last part of the now independent colonies they still occupied and return home.

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