‘Fuck Your Feelings’ crowd wants Trump pity party

Like most Americans, I watched in horror as the COVID explosion in the White House and Trump campaign staff grow, and the national reality turned into “Walter Reed Follies” . I wait for the gruesome statistics to how much his maskless rallies will amplify the spread of a disease we have never fully contained.

But let’s be honest; like me, the first question most observers asked after learning that Donald Trump had been diagnosed with COVID was, “What took so long?”

I don’t mean that casually or casually. For months, the president, his entourage and campaign staff – to say nothing of those who attended his rallies and fundraisers – have been largely unmasked. Social distancing was more in the breach than in the observation. Trump’s RNC nomination speech on the South Lawn of the White House and Amy Coney Barrett’s coronation ceremony looked like any pre-COVID DC gathering: buddy, close and collegiate, full of handshakes and of hugs. His behavior made his possible COVID infection a matter of time. His devilish luck ran out last week.

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