Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsator Review

Getting rocked by a talented stranger with exceptional hands is one of the many pleasures that have been temporarily taken off the table (or bed, or floor), but Fun Factory’s Stronic G is the next best thing.

This is because it is not an ordinary vibrator. It doesn’t even really vibrate. Instead, the internal magnets create a back and forth motion, without human intervention. On a lower setting, it pulses gently. On a higher setting, it moves with a short final thrust. In all contexts, it is heavy, substantial and incredible. It’s great when casual sex is on the other side of the vaccination roll. But it’s also great if manual pushing isn’t available to you, or if you just want to do something (or someone) else with your hands.

The firm, hooked end of the toy is, as expected, perfect for G-spot play and can hit the spot with the perfect angle and relentless pulse that makes orgasms almost inevitable. Even if you’re not that excited about the G-spot stimulation, the shape has the dual benefit of holding the toy in place for a truly hands-free experience. (Note that while some G-spot toys are compatible with the prostate, this one doesn’t have the flared base that would make it anal safe.)

The Stronic G is the fourth pulsator I have tried in the Stronic line from Fun Factory. While I will always treasure the girth of the original, now discontinued Eins, the shape was too smooth to stay in place on its own. The wavy and flared (and also interrupted) Drei had the opposite problem, with angled ridges that made removal difficult. (We don’t need to talk about the disastrous Fusion Bi Stronic.) With a slightly thinner diameter, smoother body, and a pronounced tip, the Stronic G feels like it stays in place more securely and move more freely – a winning combination.

Despite this, I still have the best experience with the Stronic G strategically wedging a pillow against the handle for added security. Since all bodies are different, you might want to do the same, or you might find that at the right angle you can freely change position and move around with the Stronic G still in place. Either way, a thick water-based lubricant is the key to keeping the silicone surface smooth.

Solo sex with the Stronic G isn’t the same as sex with a person, obviously. The pushes are short, the movement tireless, and the battery is rechargeable via USB instead of snacks. Still, this waterproof pulsator is a powerful addition to any pandemic toy box.

Fun Factory Stronic G personal self-pushing vibrator

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