Garland launches probe in the Minneapolis Police Department Video

The investigation will include a full review of the MPD’s policies, training, monitoring and use of force, Garland said. It will also assess the effectiveness of the MPD’s current accountability systems “and whether other mechanisms are needed to ensure constitutional and lawful policing”.

“Broad community and law enforcement involvement in this investigation will be critical to its success,” Garland said. He added that the Department had already reached out to community groups to hear about their experiences.

The investigation is separate from an ongoing federal investigation into Floyd’s death, which sparked protests and riot nationwide – as well as Congressional bills to combat police misconduct – after a video showed Derek Chauvin his knee for a few minutes on Floyd’s neck, even though Floyd said he couldn’t breathe.

The main democratically supported policing overhaul laws contain provisions that would facilitate the Department’s investigation of local law enforcement agencies, such as: B. the power of the attorney general to summon evidence and testimony in the investigation.

A jury Tuesday convicted Chauvin of murder and other officials are charged with the incident.

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Has the threat of a major war been completely eliminated?

George Floyd did not “sacrifice” his life, Nancy Pelosi. It was stolen from him.