George Gammon warns: the big reset is coming – World Economic Forum agenda for economy and society

George Gammon warns of the big reset and the World Economic Forum’s agenda for the future of the global economy and society. 0:00 Presentation by George Gammon 3:01 What is the repo market? 8:03 The Fed has taken extraordinary quantitative easing measures 11:12 The Big Reset has been under discussion for years 13:27 The Big Reset agenda 4:27 PM Central bank digital currency provides citizen data 17:38 Using artificial government intelligence 20:59 Marx believed that communism is the next step for capitalism 22:58 Great government is ideal for the inner circle. 24:03 Price signals help allocate resources efficiently 26:59 Everyone would need a central bank digital currency account 29:22 The digital currency that wins the game is the one backed by the government. 32:43 Jerome Powell spoke about central bank digital currencies 35:08 People usually revolt when they cannot eat 38:12 Standard of living decreases using green energy 40:17 Energy green is not a solution, it is an exchange. off 44:15 Government jobs have been excluded from the unemployment rate 46:54 Own some gold, maybe bitcoin, definitely have a 30 year fixed mortgage. 48:22 George’s YouTube Channel: Learn More: Listen to the Podcast: Have questions or topics you want me to make a video on? Let us know in the comments below. If you like investing in real estate, SIGN UP! #thegreatreset #georgegammon #digitaldollar.
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