George Takei on when ‘evil’ Donald Trump Jr. tried to undo him

george Takei remembers his lowest point very well. It arrived on November 11, 2017. The Star Trek the actor was in Tokyo, Japan for a gala screening of Allegiance, his passion project on Broadway about the Japanese internment, when his phone started to vibrate like crazy.

“It was right after our screening and we were partying, and then… we heard,” he recalls to The Daily Beast. “It was horrible.”

The Hollywood Reporter had just published a revealing account in which a former model accused the Star Trek actor and drug and sexual assault activist on him in 1981. Unlike other #MeToo stories, however, the play didn’t contain much in terms of verification or corroboration – just a lonely allegation from 36 years, supported by some of the friends of the accuser. Takei, who had been openly against the alleged sexual abuse of teenager Anthony Rapp by actor Kevin Spacey, vehemently denied the accusation, saying the alleged incidents “just did not happen” and “are so antithetical to my values ​​and my practices. “

Fuel was added to the stake when, the next day, the president’s eldest child (and unbelievably online) Donald Trump Jr., tweeted that Takei “should never speak out on victims again,” unleashing a torrent of abuse on the aged actor in his right-wing troll army. Things got worse when, on December 9, Don Jr. tweeted to Takei, “I guess you have a little more free time to read #fakenews now that it’s a little harder to get kids to use alcohol to abuse them ??? You know it with all the extra control.

“We know the source,” Takei says, reflecting on the terrible episode with Don Jr. “You know, social media brings out the worst in people. I don’t have time to deal with it because it’s irrelevant. They wallow in evil, as well as in lies. These are malicious lies – not just lies, but there to hurt and damage. I just ignore it. So I don’t know that many people from the “cancellation culture”. “

This whole ordeal has been particularly rich considering the way Don Jr. reacted when his father was filmed bragging about assaulting women and accused of sexual harassment or assault by 23 women. He has been one of the most vocal critics of the so-called “cancellation culture”. When the Observer released a detailed dismantling of the allegation against Takei, with Takei’s accuser claiming he fabricated parts of the story, downplaying the whole encounter as “one big party story”, and ultimately pulling back on it. Allegation, no apology came from Don Jr. or anyone on the right who had tried so forcefully to “undo” Takei, so to speak.

When I bring up the hypocrisy of it all, Takei channels her branding mind, embarking on a fun story about her time on The celebrity apprentice.

“I was fired by the future president!” he’s laughing.

I still maintain that we were the real elegant and classy windows but [Ivanka] chose the sink approach all but the kitchen. So I know what their judgment is, what their taste is and what their bias is.

Takei was eliminated after a task that saw teams create a pair of themed display cases at Lord & Taylor for Ivanka Trump’s (flammable) clothing and accessories line. The judges were Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric Trump and their father.

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