Georgia County that used Dominion voting systems finds over 2,500 votes after manual recount – Dateway

Election officials in Floyd County, Georgia – where Dominion voting systems were used – reported locating more than 2,600 additional ballots on Monday after a recount was ordered in the state..

According to Tom Rees, chairman of the Floyd County Electoral Council, 2,631 more votes were added after a manual recount observed by both sides, representing 6.8% of the vote in the county.

Missing ballots were from early votes and not from daily or postal ballots, reports

The Northwest Georgia News Rees reports gave a provisional tally of 1,643 additional votes for President Donald Trump, 865 for Joe Biden and 16 for Jo Jorgensen.

Floyd County GOP Chairman Luke Martin questioned whether the same error could possibly be found in other larger jurisdictions such as Fulton County, home to the heavily populated Democratic stronghold of Atlanta.

“It’s scary that this has happened in Floyd County. Imagine what the numbers might look like in places like Fulton County, ”Martin reportedly said.

“It appears that our electoral office did not lose any ballots, rather it appears to be a software glitch with the Dominion system.”

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In a statement to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, however, Martin appeared to go back on his comment, saying, “This is very concerning… But it does not appear to be a widespread problem. I am glad the audit revealed this, and it is important that all votes are counted. “

According to News from the Coosa Valley, county election officials report that after a barcode scanner on a machine broke when the votes arrived on October 24, they were taken to a second scanner where they were then scanned incorrectly.

Gabriel Sterling, responsible for the implementation of the voting system in Georgia, said The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “The problem arose because county election officials did not upload votes from a flashcard into a ballot scanner.”

The Northwest Georgia News reports that the flashcard’s explanation is “disputed” due to conflicting statements from county officials.

the Coosa Valley News highlights another problem in Floyd County: “It was also reported that several provisional ballots had been counted more than once. There should have been only 141 ballots, but 216 were counted. “

Although there have been more than 1,500 previously undiscovered ballots for Trump, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the president could only win around 800 net votes in the state, where Biden would now lead with 13,200 votes.

On Monday, an election investigator was dispatched to Floyd County by Georgia’s Secretary of State to find out how this colossal mistake happened.


[Floyd County Commissioner Scotty Hancock] said election officials are working with Dominion Voting Systems to determine where the outage occurred. They wait for the company to find out who was then logged on to the computer.

“It was either their representative or our representative. And when we find out who was responsible, we will take action, ”Hancock said.

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