Georgia Democratic lawmaker arrested and dragged off Capitol Hill for disrupting Kemp’s live broadcast announcement that he signed new election legislation (VIDEO)

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (right) on Thursday signed a sweeping bill that revises his state’s election laws that include new restrictions on postal voting.

The legislation was passed by Georgia’s House and Senate after Kemp and the crooked Secretary of State handed Georgia over to the in TWO separate elections.

Due to mailed ballots, boxes, failure to verify signatures, and collect ballots, took control of the White House and turned the Senate blue.

Kemp eventually signed new election laws that would photo ID to vote by absent and that would limit the number of drop boxes (they should be eliminated altogether).

A Georgia state lawmaker became furious with Governor Kemp for signing new election laws that she began knocking on Kemp’s door where he was live streaming his announcement.

Representative Park Cannon (D-Atlanta) was forcibly evicted, dragged across the Capitol and arrested by the Georgia State Troopers.

The Atlanta reports:

Georgia state soldiers on Thursday arrested State Representative Park Cannon as she knocked on Gov. Brian Kemp’s door, interrupting her live announcement that he had signed an election bill.

forcibly evicted Cannon, a Democrat from Atlanta, dragging her across the Capitol and pushing her into a police car.

Cannon was with several other protesters when she knocked on the door of Kemp’s office, saying the public should be allowed to watch the bill’s signing announcement. Radical legislation requires ID for postal votes, limits drop boxes and changes early voting times.

A woman named Tamara Stevens captured the arrest on Facebook live.


Additional images of the arrest:

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